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Sketch 20141113 by Toshinho
Sketch 20141113
Sry for not posting in a month!
Should be back more often and then finish up the commission that I haven't delivered yet. ^-^;
BALANCED FACE for NPC v1.5   MOD for SKYRIM by Toshinho
This Mod will not be uploaded to NEXUS nor STEAM WORKSHOP, it's exclusive at my gallery.

Alter NPCs' face in respect of vanilla and fix the gender stance on some female NPCs with male pose.
GIF anim example here:

Main objective of this MOD is to revise NPCs' facial balance while keeping the original (vanilla) feeling. In respect to the original artistic direction, I find some profile (silhouette from the side) of NPC to be a little exaggerated and with slightly closer nose to mouth distance. During the tweaking process I kept the original eye/mouth/nose preset for the most part trying to preserve the original characteristics in each NPCs. This MOD is definitely not a "beautification" mod but an alternative to the vanilla, so if you're looking to make all NPC look younger, handsome, beautiful, please look elsewhere or check my recommendation in included readme.

Sense of "aesthetic" and "balance" are a subjective matter that differs from one person to another, which is why I'm reluctant in using the term "better" or "improved" but keep this MOD as an "alternative". I'm aware that their is already a similar mods, however I believe they cover different NPCs with their own unique taste, so if you happen to dislike the changes made in mine, please try other mods listed in my recommendation. (Of-course I am always open to suggestions and improving this mod)  

- Support Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USKP version 2.0.4a)
- Currently covers most NPCs in major cities, towns, settlements, farms and strongholds. I choose not to edit specific NPCs just to maintain the variation throughout Tamriel.
- Over 360 NPCs have been revised in one way or another. (Humans & Elves)
- Some tweaks involves balancing distance between eyes & nose, makeups, rounding off sharp chin and jaw.
- Higher resolution tintmasks for NPCs with warpaints. (Currently at 2048px which maybe too big.)
- Female NPCs with male pose (stance) has been fixed (not all but majority)
* this changes doesn't affect right away, some NPC such as Lydia are known to take forever. (due to the stance information being stored in your save file)
- Potential marriage candidates are slightly (subjective but) tweaked towards beauty. (Only for female as of version 1.3)
- Applied different presets and adjustment on NPCs that had identical parameter, meaning they have the same face.

The new expansion pack is a simple feature that adds dedicated normalmap to NPCs that are supposedly in their 50's and above (of age) set by the skin complexion setting. Because by default 40 and 50 complexions are basically a same normalmap and only expressing ageing/wrinkles through "detailmap", I personally find it rather flat looking and limited to variation. (Because it's not a real bump effect) So I added a dedicated normalmaps for NORD, BRETON and IMPERIAL races to add a visual gap between complexion 40 & 50. It's a small attempt to show noticeable gradation of age difference and adding variation.

*NOTES: "age50 complexion" setting doesn't always means they are exactly in there 50's but perhaps includes people in there 60's 70's as well. (I'm referring to texture complexion because obviously their is no defined age setting in Skyrim.)

- Currently supporting 46 NPCs, basically ones that have actual name and age50 complexion.
- Requires main mod
- Contains only simple changes to textureset entries and does not touch NPC parameter.
- Not an essential and will not be merged into main mod

What this mod doesn't do:
- Any parameter besides the visual is untouched.
- No weight parameter has been changed. (causes all sorts of problem like grey face)
- Does not make NPCs look pretty and handsome, old people will remain to look old and what not.
- Non human NPCs are untouched. (exception of tintmasks for Orcs)
- Essential Followers (Housecarls) hasn't been fully tweaked as I imagine most people will use other follower mod to suit their needs.
- Dawnguard/Dragonborn DLCs are not supported. (waiting for sale!)

[03-25-14] 1.00 Initial Release
[03-27-14] No version change but added german version and revised the despcription in front page.
[03-28-14] 1.10 Renewed mod to support Unofficial Skyrim Patch which is now essential (require version 2.0.3)
[04-01-14] 1.2 Released
- Removed Hert, Hern & Sybille Stentor for compatiblity issue with Dawnguard
- Added changes to 3 NPCs (NordGuards) & 1 Hires Warpaint Tintmask
- Added Wrinkles for 50s Expansion Pack
[06-15-14] 1.30 Released
- Support for Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.0.4a
- Added few more gender stance changes
[10-26-14] 1.50 Released
- Support for Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.0.7
- Removed Astrid from the modification, currently investigating the cause and is planned to return in the future.
- Version 1.40 supported USKP 2.0.5 but was only released to beta testers
Sketch 20141009 Return of the fish-eye by Toshinho
Sketch 20141009 Return of the fish-eye
I felt like drawing tonight but didn't have much inspiration so I just did some practice on my own.
I believe it's a bit of a tutorial that can be hint for someone who wants to get into fish-eye perspective.

Missing infos:
Sometimes I do the circle "cup" practice which started after I drew a circle using the bottom of the coffee cup. Using the circle (imagine a camera "lens") I draw a cross in the center as a guideline and then trying to fill the circle with lines from the cross while morphing towards the circle. This itself is a good practice but then I take the step further and fill it with a box. Anyway this is the basic and remember that as you go further towards the circle the more distortion happens and the opposite towards the center.

remember folks, practice makes somewhat perfect.

Heya Folk,

Today I wanted to introduce you to a SPECIAL artist friend of mine.
HaluKawase is an extremely skilled and talented artist I've been working with. (Not to mention he is versatile as well and professional.)
Today he showed me his portfolio during lunch break and it blew me away, it was series of SD characters he worked on TETRIS MONSTERS that was designed really well. (God I wish I can show them!) One of the quality I admire about Halu is that he's modest and most of all passionate about drawing and improving his skills.

He just joined dA this week and his work needs to be shared by more viewers, so please give him a warm welcome and if you dig his work please do watch him. (Motivate him to post more!)
I asked Halu to join dA, so that he can improve his English ability as well as sharing his art with us, so please be gentle with him. ;)


Postman of the Sky by HaluKawaseKoToRi by HaluKawase


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